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General Injuries

While we make every effort to keep kids safe while playing baseball, there are times when injuries occur during practices and games. In the case that these injuries need additional treatment beyond basic first aid, please follow the instructions below.

Please notify the on-duty QCLL board member immediately if your child is injured during a practice or game at any of our assigned field locations. You must fill out an accident claim form if you would like to make a claim to the QCLL insurance policy. Below are some resources that will help you do this:

Step 1

Insurance Claim form (must be turned into a board member within 24 hours of accident)

Fill out name and address of the injured person, along with the name and address of the parent(s)/guardian(s), if claimant is a minor.

Step 3

Fill out all section, including check marks in the appropriate boxes for all categories. Do not leave any section blank. This will cause a delay in processing your claim and a copy of the claim form will be returned to the league for completion.

Step 4

It is mandatory to forward information on other insurance. Without that information, there will be a delay in processing your claim. If no insurance, written verification from each parent/spouse employer must be submitted.

Step 5

Be certain all necessary papers are attached to the claim form or submitted to QCLL Safety Officer (See instruction 3). Only itemized bills that include date of treatment, type of treatment (procedure codes), total charge for each treatment, and reason(s) for treatment (diagnosis codes) are acceptable. We cannot accept balance due statements.

Step 6

On dental claims, it is necessary to submit charges to the major medical and dental insurance company of the claimant, or parent(s)/guardian(s), if claimant is a minor. “Accident-related treatment to whole, sound, natural teeth as a direct and independent result of an accident” must be stated on the form and bills. Please forward a copy of the insurance company’s response (an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statement) to Little League International. Include the claimant’s name, league ID, and year of the injury on the form.

Step 7

Give original copies of all documentation and form to QCLL Safety Officer or a board member on-duty or present at Mansel Carter Oasis Park. Copies of original receipts must be present because Little League International does not allow faxed or emailed submissions. All submissions must be via postal mail. 

Our Safety Officer will follow up with parents for any additional instructions.

2021 Covid-19 Protocols

We are extremely excited to welcome everyone back to the field for our 2021 Spring Season. As a league, we have had to establish protocols to ensure we are following the guidelines set forth by the State or Arizona, Maricopa County, the Town of Queen Creek and Little League International. Please realize these protocols are put in place to keep our players, spectators and volunteers safe this season. Most importantly, we want to offer our kids an opportunity to play.

Queen Creek
 Little League is committed to doing everything possible to hold the 2021 Spring Little League Season according to the guidelines and mandates provided to us. We will continue to assess the situation, make any necessary adjustments to our protocols, and provide you with communication about any changes.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding during this time. These are difficult times with many different points of view. Be understanding and respectful of others, error on the side of safety and health.

Player Responsibilities

  • Wear a mask to and from the field and wear a mask while in the dugout.
  • Communicate to your parents if you are experiencing any symptoms.
  • Do not attend game, practice, scrimmage, etc. if you are sick.
  • No physical contact with coaches and players – high fives, fist bumps, hugs, etc.
  • No shaking of hands or contact with your opponent at the end of the game.
  • Use hand sanitizer upon arrival to the field, in between innings, and postgame.
  • Bring your own snacks/drinks for during/after games.  No sharing drinks and snacks with teammates.

Coach/Assistant Coach Responsibilities

  • Coaches must wear masks that always covers their nose and mouth while in the dugout.
  • No physical contact between coaches or players. (No high fives, fist bumps, etc.)
  • No shaking of hands or contact with your opponent at the end of the game.
  • Limit equipment brought to games, disinfecting all equipment before / after use.
  • Require players to wear masks while in the dugout.
  • Adhere to "virtual" plate meetings and umpire discussion protocols.
  • Ensuring that their stands and dugout benches are sanitized after their games are completed.

Parent & Spectator Responsibilities

  • Symptom check your players before arriving at the field. If they are not feeling well, keep them home.
  • Stay home if you have any signs or symptoms of being sick.
  • You must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth any time you are not seated and while
    walking within the park.
  • Abide by social distancing policy of 6ft away from other spectators outside of your household.
  • No congregating in the park or parking lot before, during, or after practices and games.
  • Under no circumstances can a parent approach or be in the designated team area.
  • If you are a person of high risk, consider not attending.
  • Avoid contact with any players or spectators outside of your households.
  • Limit the amount of spectators if possible.
  • Consider watching the game from outside the outfield fence to minimize the amount of people in the park area.

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