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Division Specific Rules & Guidelines

The following documents provide the division specific rules and guidelines:

Tee Ball Division

Machine Pitch Division

Junior Minors Division

Senior Minors Division

Majors Division

Juniors Division

Rule Summary:

The following table summarizes the rules governing game times and mercy rules for each division. These rules and times are managed by the umpires on the field. Tee Ball and Machine Pitch rules are governed by the Team Managers (Head Coaches) for the teams playing.


No New Inning After

Drop Dead Time

Mercy Rule

Max Runs in an Inning

Tee BallN/A - 3 Innings Max  1 Hour 15 MinutesN/A  N/A
Machine PitchN/A - 3 Innings Max1 Hour 15 Minutes N/A  N/A
 Junior Minors 1 Hour 15 Minutes1 Hour 30 Minutes Up by 10 runs after 4 complete innings 5
 Senior Minors1 Hour 35 Minutes NoneUp by 10 runs after 4 complete inningsCan go up by 10 runs in an inning
Majors1 Hour 35 MinutesNoneUp by 10 runs after 4 complete innings None 
 Juniors2 Hours NoneUp by 15 runs after 4 complete innings or 10 runs after 5 complete inningsNone

Note: For Jr./Sr. Minors - Unlimited runs can be scored after 4 complete innings. Run maximums no longer apply.

Important League Forms

The following are copies of key documents pertaining the the league:

Little League School Enrollment Form - This form is used to provide confirmation of enrollment in a school within our boundary.  It will be used to support eligibility to play in Queen Creek Little League.

Medical Release Form - They will keep all completed forms with them and bring them to all games and practices. This is information that can assist the coach if there is an injury to a player and the parents cannot be located or are not at the practice or game. These should be given to the coach and not any other league officials.

Important League Documents

The following documents are the primary governing documents of the league for the Spring 2024 Season:

2024 QCLL Constitution

2024 QCLL By-Laws

The following documents provide information and help support the Spring 2024 Season:

2024 Parent's Meeting Presentation
2024 Coaches' Meeting Presentation - Tee Ball, Machine Pitch & Jr. Minors
2024 Coaches' Meeting Presentation - Sr. Minors, Majors & Juniors

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