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Try-Outs & Evaluations

What are the evaluations and what do I need to bring?

The try-out/evaluation process for the Spring Little League Divisions will be held at Mansel Carter Oasis Park at the baseball complex. We have over 500 players that we will need to get through the process. This is a large task and we will work to get through the process as quickly as possible. Please be patient and expect to have to wait a bit.  We will have an additional field available for players to warm up on (if needed).

When should I arrive?

I have emailed an attached a list of all players we expect at the try-outs/evaluation. The list is in alphabetical order by last name. Their proposed arrival time is listed. Please arrive in enough time to have your player warm up and be ready (10-15 min) for that time. We will start with the younger kids and move up. If you can’t come exactly at your time it’s not a problem. We try and give block of times to prevent waiting. If everyone were to come at 5:30 pm, then some people are going to wait over an hour before their kid(s) get to go. If your name is not on the list, and you expected it to be there please email me at [email protected]. Remember, coach’s children/protected players will not be on the list.

How will the process work?

When you arrive, please check in at the table up by the field entrance. We will group the players in groups of 10. Once we have 10 players in a group, we will assemble them outside the dugout. The 10 will go into the dugout and start the evaluation process. When they go in the dugout, we will start the process of assembling the next group outside the dugout. Please make sure you stay close by so you don’t miss your group. We will let each group in 10-15 minutes ahead of their evaluation to warm-up. We are going to limit the number of kids in the field area.  We ask that you not form a large crowd at the entrance and that you socially distant while checking in. Since the weather may be cool, it might even be a good idea to stay in your vehicle if you can keep an eye on the table by the entrance. 

What do the players need to bring?

Players should wear cleats if they have them. They will also need a baseball glove to complete the evaluation. If they have a bat they should bring it. If they don’t have a bat, we will have a few at the field they can use if needed.They should have a mask for entry and exist. Concessions will not be open so please bring any refreshments you require. Depending on the weather, you may also want to bring a jacket and wear a long sleeved shirt. 

What do the players do during the tryout/evaluation?

Each player will get three swings against a pitching machine. After the third swing, they will run to second base like they have hit a double. They will then take two to three ground balls at shortstop and throw to the first baseman. They will then stay at first base and catch the throw from the next player. Once they complete the activities, they are free to leave.

Does everyone have to try out? What if I cannot attend?

All players registered in Junior Minors or above, must complete a spring tryout to be eligible to be drafted. If they do not attend evaluations, they will be placed in a blind selection process during the draft and be randomly assigned to teams after the regular drafting has taken place. The following are the only exceptions to this process:

  1. If you cannot make the evaluation, a written excuse must be emailed and approved by the league prior to the try-out evaluation. Please e-mail that information to: [email protected].

  2.  If a player has been “protected” on a roster of an existing team they do not need to attend a tryout. These are primarily coach’s children. 
Why do player tryouts at all?

Junior Minor, Senior Minor and Major Division teams are formed through a player draft. This is a method where coaches take turns selecting players until all the teams are formed. A player tryout is conducted to assess current performance levels of the players so that coaches can draft teams that are balanced and competitive. The term “tryout” is a formal term, as this is more of an evaluative process and all registered players will be drafted to a team.

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